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POF Switch Troubleshooting :

  1. The PSW are not energized. (Yellow or Green indicator dark)
    1.1 Make sure if OptoLock® and CAT5 patch cord are certainly plugged in receptacle.
    1.2 Confirm if power adapter work normally.
    1.3 Confirm if the operations of Step User’s Guide(2)~(6)are correct.
  2. If there is any technical issue, please contact with our sales department (

POF Porducts Driver and Datasheet download

Products Driver Datasheet
Series Products No. File Ver.
POF Switch Hub 100Mbps POF Switch Hub 5 port PSW-5OXX   PDF734KB 3
100Mbps POF Switch Hub 8 port PSW-8XXXX   PDF631KB 3
Gigabit POF Switch Hub 8 port GAPSW-OXXX   PDF0.97MB 3
100Mbps POF Switch Hub 24 port PSW-24OXX   PDF607KB 3
USB Dongle FEUSB Series FEUSB-O22 Download PDF930KB 3
POF Evaluation Board   FEOTR-O2   PDF1.08MB 2
POF PCI Network card 100Mbps PCI Network Card FEPCI-O21 Download PDF978KB 3
Gigabit PCI Network Card GAPCI-O21 Download PDF611KB 3
POF DIY Kit POF DIY Kit     PDF1.17MB 2
GAMC Series DIY Kit     PDF1.38MB 1
POF Cable Tester Cable Tester OFT-820   PDF686KB  
Latch Transceiver Module        
OptoLock® SFP MODULE     PDF363KB 1.0
POF cable SI-POF Cable OLPC-S51D2B   PDF1.05MB 1
GI-POF Cable OLPC-G51D2B   PDF1.13MB 1
M.O.S.T. POF Cable     PDF1.2MB  
Plastic Optical Fiber Media converter 100Mbps POF Media Converter FECON-O21   PDF324KB 3
Gigabit POF Media Converter GACON-XXX   PDF719KB 1.0
POF OptoLock® coupler POF OptoLock® coupler     PDF106KB  
POF OptoLock® Keystone coupler     PDF76KB  
POF SMI Coupler     PDF80KB  

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