Trigger Cable

GPIP trigger cable
A trigger cable(analog cable) allows an external device to sponsor and control a recording sequence or interruption signal. For instance, when two or more cameras need to capture at the exactly same time,  the sensor and actuator cable is an essential component.

To make the camera respond to asynchronous or synchronous external events, the requirement of trigging the camera needs the hardware that provides a 3.3 or 5 V square wave TTL signal. This type of triggering is widely used in industrial applications.

With trigger cable(analog cable), the camera no longer needs an extra step during the process to saves a lot of time. 

COMOSS provides trigger cables with any standard or customized I/O contacts based on our soldering and crimping ability.


  • Customized design and meet industrial requirement, length can be customized in 1M/2M/3M/5M/7M/8M/10M
  • High quality and soft bending resistance
  • Each connector plug can be easily inserted and holds tight on all devices
  • Each single cable will be 100% tested to ensure that there is no short circuit, no potential breakdown problems before shipping out
  • Alternative material to optimize BOM cost
  • Cables with M connector up to industrial waterproof IP67


  • Surveillance System
  • Automatic Optical Inspection
  • Image Inspection Application
  • Visual Positioning Application
  • Object Measurement/Sorting Application
  • Industrial Control System
  • Trigger Cable feature
  • Trigger Cable feature
  • Trigger Cable feature

Customized Service

Data Sheet

File Type Product Name File Name Version Size
PDF COMOSS Trigger Cable_Introduction COMOSS Trigger Cable_Introduction.pdf 4.03 MB
PDF 昕鈺 CCD 觸發線_規格書 昕鈺 CCD 觸發線_規格書.pdf 507.72 KB
PDF COMOSS Sensor Actuator Cable_Datasheet COMOSS Sensor Actuator Cable_Datasheet.pdf 609.5 KB
PDF 昕鈺 CCD 觸發線_介紹 昕鈺 CCD 觸發線_介紹.pdf 4.3 MB
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