Harsh Environment

The components, devices or machines applied in Industries, military, medical, marine, and outdoor are in vary hash environments. The connectivity, components, modules, and devices are required to withstand vibration, movement, electronic noise, stress, temperature, and moisture. 

How does COMOSS add value to your performance? 

To bear the harsh environment, the connectivity and mechanism are design to fit the environment.  

  • Overmold design  
  • Vibration resistance 
  • EMI shield 
  • Temper resistance 
  • Moisture and dust resistance, IP67, industrial grade 
  • Stress dissipation 
  • High flex  
  • Sensitive component protection 



A transmission cable often consists wires and connectors while the wire usually delivers signal between devices and the connectors contact the device. The connection section is the weakest part in cable structure which part is easily to be damaged. COMOSS’ mechanical design reinforces the strength of the connection in connector seal, contact and jacket overmolds, strain reliefs, bushing and grommets. The advanced manufacturing process and validation tests ensure the cable meets the individual environmental demand to dissipate stress and vibration or to resist moisture, chemical or EMI. 

Some cables are used in motion systems. The cable needs to bear the force impact of motion system, such as torsion, winding and bending. COMOSS’ cable performs high flexibility and elasticity with dissipating stress design in mechanism that it has been applied by machine vision industry users. 

Sensitive electronic components

The fragile component is required environmental protection.  The traditional injection molding sometimes damages the delicate component because of its high-temperature process.  The epoxy potting takes more steps and longer cycle time, sometime a working day. The efficiency of its environmental protection is not as effective as low pressure molding (LPM). Relatively low temperature, it takes only 3 steps in processes and completes an overmold around 20 – 45 seconds.  

Low pressure molding solution is suggested by IPC to encapsulate circuitry as well as sensors in cost-effective way to protect the sensitive components. One of COMOSS solution for harsh environments is LPM solution. From cable structure to electronic components and modules, the solution provides to insulate and protect the products.

  • M Series Cables (M8/ M12 X Code)

    M Series Cables (M8/ M12 X Code)

  • USB 3.2 Waterproof Cable

    USB 3.2 Waterproof Cable

  • GigE Vision Cable (10 GigE available)

    GigE Vision Cable (10 GigE available)

  • M8/M12 Series Panel Mount Connector

    M8/M12 Series Panel Mount Connector

  • M Series Connector

    M Series Connector

  • Low Pressure Molding (LPM)

    Low Pressure Molding (LPM)