High Flex Cable

Professional High Flex Cables Solutions 

In order to maintain high-speed transmission and high durability at the same time, the flexibility for machine vision should be majorly considered. When it comes to mobile requirements in a machine (for example: a moving camera on a robotic arm), then flex-resistant cable (High Flex Cable) solutions that can withstand continuous bending and bending over long periods of time should be chosen.

Tests of High Flex Cables

High Flex Cables have been moved for testing repeatedly, simulating the use on a robot system or drag chain to ensure suitability in the real use environment. High Flex Cables need to pass through a certain degree of bending times, bending angles and deflection to ensure normal transmission conditions. Flex resistance test includes:

Flex Cable for Bending: To test the minimum bending radius angle and bending times in a given period of time

Source from:www.okidensen.co.jp

Flex cable for Sliding: To ensure that the minimum bending radius of the cable is sufficient, track-grade cables are usually designed to withstand more than one million times of bending at the minimum radius.

Source from:www.okidensen.co.jp

Flex Cable for Twisting: The cable must be repeatedly twisted up to 360° within a specified length, simulating the application scenario of the wire connected to the robotic arm.

Source from:www.okidensen.co.jp

COMOSS' High Flex Cable Products

The latest High Flex Cables can withstand more than 10 million times of bending life, and the outer diameter is thinner. COMOSS' High Flex Cable cooperates with Japanese partner OKI to provide a variety of cable products. Our High Flex Cable products have passed bending, sliding and trwiting tests, so it can adapt to different directions of applications and environments, and they are also suitable for robotic arm solutions.

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  • USB AOC Cable (Up to 30M)

    USB AOC Cable (Up to 30M)

  • USB 3.0 Cable

    USB 3.0 Cable

  • GigE Vision Cable (10 GigE available)

    GigE Vision Cable (10 GigE available)

  • Type-C Cable

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  • Camera Link

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  • CXP-12 Cable (Up to 30 M)

    CXP-12 Cable (Up to 30 M)

  • CXP-6 Cable (Up to 40M)

    CXP-6 Cable (Up to 40M)