High Speed Cabling Solutions


The world steps into 5G era that it requires higher speed solutions. COMOSS’ connectivity solution optimizes the performance of devices. It provides the solid high-performance cables and cabling system development solutions in design, manufacture and service for data transmission. It has solved the problem from its customers.   

Here are the transfer speeds. 

  • USB-C: 20Gpbs 
  • USB3/ USB3.2: 20Gpbs 
  • CoaXPress: 12.5Gpbs over a single cable and scalable for up to 4 cables giving 50Gpbs 
  • USB4: 40Gpbs (coming soon) 
  • Type-C Cable

    Type-C Cable

  • USB 3.0 Cable

    USB 3.0 Cable

  • CXP-12 Cable

    CXP-12 Cable

  • USB4 Cable

    USB4 Cable