How Do We Do To Support A Customer

Old customers acknowledge the value of COMOSS. The prospects who intended to find solutions for their requirements may not be aware of that COMOSS is a problem-solver partner. 

COMOSS sales team primarily approached an ICT equipment manufacturer located in France. It needed 10 pcs of LVCD cable which wasn’t the standard product of COMOSS. COMOSS teamed up a project group including engineer members and worked with the customer. Shortly afterward, having a sample been validated and started to deliver. The ICT equipment provider was satisfied to work with COMOSS. The continuous new projects have been kicked off since then. They included high-mixed low-volume projects. 

There was an urgent project that the customer specified a certain cable to assemble with connecters. Yet, no local distributor has the stock of the specified cable as the cable was in shortage.  It looked unlikely to meet the right schedule.  Instead of disappointing the customer, COMOSS’ sales tried to solve the matter and found there were some inventories in Europe. The sales asked the customer to deliver the cable from Europe.  To keep the project delivery schedule, the team completed the production of sample in the same day when receiving the cable material.  Until Q1 2021, the customer has sent the demand over 40 items. 

Every team member in COMOSS tries to solve the problem from customers. The contact team member in this case has been dubbed “Super” by the customer. The team members are proud of that they devote themselves to have the problems solved.  Customers are always enjoy working with the team and satisfied with our solutions. 

No order is too small or too big for COMOSS.  Beyond a manufacturer, COMOSS is a solution partner.