Long Haul

The long-haul cable is known as the active cable that you can commonly see this kind of application on connecting two devices but over a general distance. The way long-haul cable functions can mainly divide into two types, namely repeater, and hub.  
But how to know when a cable requires a long-haul solution? It depends on different circumstances. For the USB 3, if the length is over 5 meters, we'll recommend using a long-haul solution for your cable in case the signal loss. As for the CoaXPress cable, the long-haul cable can be up to 30 meters. It can be even longer with some specialized materials. Overall, COMOSS provides long-distance cable solutions to make sure you won't lose any signal strength. 


  • USB 3.0 Cable

    USB 3.0 Cable

  • CXP-12 Cable

    CXP-12 Cable

  • USB AOC Cable

    USB AOC Cable