Long Haul

Long-haul cables are commonly applied on connecting two devices over a general distance. This can be achieved by using cables in higher quality or adapt active cables that the signals are optimized by repeater to deliver longer trasmission.

It's frequently asked how to know when a cable requires a long-haul solution and this depends on different circumstances.

  • For the USB 3, if the length is over 5 meters, we'll recommend using a long-haul solution for your cable in case the signal loss. COMOSS provides the USB 3 long-haul solution up to 30 meters.
  • As for the CoaXPress cable, the long-haul cable can be up to 40 meters. It can be even longer with some specialized materials.
  • COMOSS also provides AOC (Active Optical Cable) long-distance cable solutions up to 30 meters to make sure you won't lose any signal strength. 

  • USB 3.0 Cable

    USB 3.0 Cable

  • USB AOC Cable (Up to 30M)

    USB AOC Cable (Up to 30M)

  • CXP-12 Cable (Up to 30 M)

    CXP-12 Cable (Up to 30 M)

  • CXP-6 Cable (Up to 40M)

    CXP-6 Cable (Up to 40M)