Machine Vision

Machine vision cables are parts of essential components for connecting computers and industrial cameras, which as a crucial role to optimize the vision systems. The quality of machine vision cables determines the overall system performance; it allows the system to operate stably and accurately, and to transmit data quickly. So, it can improve productivity and reduce manufacturing costs. High quality machine vision cables should be more harsh weather resistant and confidently applied in industrial environments.

COMOSS Machine Vision Cables

When the machine vision system detects images by the camera, it transmits the data to the computer for calculating, then the computer transmits corresponding control signals to mobile devices such as detecting devices or robotic arms.

COMOSS provides various high-quality cables and industrial solutions for machine vision systems with different application. By the moving degree of the common machine vision equipment, such as robot arms, COMOSS offers the machine vision cables including:

       1.  Standard High-quality Static Cable (High End Static): Suitable for static /micro-dynamic machine vision equipment
       2.  High Flex Cable: Suitable for dynamic machine vision equipment/robotic arms

COMOSS provides wide range of machine vision cables used in high-speed transmission and visual inspection;  meanwhile, these cables with high-waterproof features adapting various severe environments. According to the needs from client's machine vision equipment installation environment, COMOSS can provide abounded angled connectors and long-haul cable solutions. The cable length can reach more than 30 meters. For client's request, COMOSS can also offer customized design and one-stop solution.

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3 Minutes to Understand the Machine Vision Cables



How to Choose Machine Vision Cables

1. Cables have passed high-frequency parameter verification to ensure signal transmission stabilized

COMOSS main machine vision cables have all passed high frequency testing, which including CXP Cable passed JIIA test, USB 3.0 Cable passed third-party agency, Allion, test, and GigE Cable passed FLUKE test.

2. Focus on high anti-electromagnetic ability when cable manufacturing and verification

USB cable process incorporates aluminum foil braided ground wire circumferential welding to protect the cable and systems from electrostatic discharge. The USB 3.0 Active Cable has tested for ESD electrostatic discharge capability, allowing clients to apply in multi cables environment without electrostatic interference.

3. Cables passed the flexure resistance test to meet the requirements of robot arm or mobile device applications

COMOSS has complete product lines of flexure resistant, including: USB Type-C, USB 2.0, USB 3.0, 1394b, GigE, Camera Link, CoaXPress 6, CoaXPress 12. All of which have undergone flexure resistance test guaranteed the product performance stabilized.

4. Cables have certified by authoritative organization and the product specifications comply with market standards

All COMOSS products have 100% tested before delivery. Golden Sample passed the high frequency test, and the mass production products also passed the test with high standards. For machine vision cables, which implement 3 times signal tests in the front, middle and back of stages. The main machine vision cable products including USB 3.0, USB4, CoaXPress 6, and CoaXPress 12 cables have gained certifications from USB-IF and JIIA association.

Advantages of COMOSS Machine Vision Cable & One-stop Total Solution


1.  Professional RD customerized service

COMOSS EE and ME professional RD teams providing customerized project feasibility assessment and solutions.

2.  Stable product quality and 100% tested before delivery

The products are manufactured by automation equipments to improve the accuracy of cable assembly. The processes have been rigorously tested by IPQC, FQC, and OQC, and have been certified by authoritative institutions.

3.  Diverse cables/angled connectors

Applicable to various industrial cameras and onsite wiring needs to solve different environmental problems and restrictions.

Smart Factory Introduction

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Certification:CoaXPress Version 2.0 JIIA CXP-001-2019
Certification:CoaXPress Standard JIIA CXP-001-2015 Ver.1.1.1

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  • USB 3.0 Cable (Up to 15M)

    USB 3.0 Cable (Up to 15M)

  • USB AOC Cable (Up to 30M)

    USB AOC Cable (Up to 30M)

  • GigE Vision Cable (10 GigE available)

    GigE Vision Cable (10 GigE available)

  • CXP-12 Cable (Up to 30 M)

    CXP-12 Cable (Up to 30 M)

  • CXP-6 Cable (Up to 40M)

    CXP-6 Cable (Up to 40M)

  • Type-C Cable

    Type-C Cable

  • USB 2.0 Cable

    USB 2.0 Cable

  • 1394b Cable

    1394b Cable

  • Camera Link

    Camera Link