M.O.S.T. POF Cable

M.O.S.T. - Media Oriented Systems Transport
Simplex POF MOST Cable used inside automobile has been increasing recently. This series has been chosen by European Manufacturer for transmission media of Automotive Communication.
With its advantage including less loss increment against repeated bending, chemical resistant and waterproof, polyamide 12 jacket cord is suitable for factory Automation, as well as Automotive Communication.


Key Features:

  1. Industrial temperature operating range: -55℃ to 85℃.
  2. Low cost, low attenuation and high band width.
  3. With matured process, the concentricity between fiber core and cladding are well controlled.
  4. M.O.S.T. network is able to manage up to 64 MOST devices in a ring configuration.
  5. Targeted applications: Automobile Communications, Automobile data transportation, Automobile security, Automobile entertainment systems.
  6. Safety critical applications use redundant double ring configurations.