Shared Factory (NPI Sampling/OEM/Turnkey)

Shared Factory: NPI Sampling/OEM/Turnkey

In 2021, COMOSS established the Taipei smart factory to provide high-mix low-volume and quick-prototyping customized products. Our service meets the segmented needs of different clients. Whether they own local factories in Taiwan, or they haven't been ready to establish a new production line, COMOSS can provide all clients the best solutions. COMOSS "shared factory" can share site, equipment, manpower and technology with the clients in needs.

COMOSS pride to be the solution provider to our clients, with professional R&D team, we can work with clients to develop the tailored products to meet their needs. COMOSS can assist our clients from product design to proofing, trial production, OEM, and even complete back-end solutions, such as, technology transfer and turnkey solutions. COMOSS support our clients to win the leading edge in the trend of Industry 4.0 by continuously providing innovative services and products.

"Shared factory" solutions include: NPI prototyping service, OEM Service, and turnkey solution (technology and equipment). Clients can entrust COMOSS to carry out NPI prototyping according to their needs, then directly deliver the turn-key solution including technology and equipment to their own factory. Or, after NPI prototyping to OEM service, the production technology and needs have confirmed, then do the turn-key service. In some occasions, the clients only request the NPI prototyping, OEM, or equipment purchasing. COMOSS can offer the shared factory service by individual needs of clients.

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1. NPI Prototyping │ Alternative for no local factories

Some Taiwanese companies with production lines overseas have no factories  in Taiwan. COMOSS can offer the product design and local prototyping in the early product development stages. When small-scale trial production is completed, the sample products can be imediately delivered to overseas. By adapting “shared factory”, COMOSS provides production equipment and sites to save our clients’ investment in the first stage.

2. OEM service │ The first choice before you built the production line

When clients are in the stage of small-volume production and have not yet established a production line, COMOSS OEM service provides high-quality cable assemblies and the related production proccess.

COMOSS smart factory implements sophisticated modular production and digital production management. Meanwhile, we apply automated manufacturing to replace traditional manual manufacturing. By using the most appropriate manufacturing equipment, COMOSS can ensure our production efficiency and quality. All products are 100% tested before shipping for the stable OEM quality control.

COMOSS OEM advantages:

  • Digital production management leads to lean and efficient work
  • Implement automated manufacturing provides excellent quality
  • Equipped with R&D engineers who process supervision
  • All products are rigorously tested before shipments to deliver the stable quality
  • Global client cooperation experiences offer strict confidentiality
  • Providing turnkey solution allows you decided more flexible production plan

3. Equipment sales & turnkey solution │ From OEM to production line construction assistance

COMOSS integrates production capability, experience and equipment to support our clients from OEM to technique transfer. We assist our clients in setting up production lines and equip their staffs  with complete software (technical and personnel training) & hardware (machine equipment) capabilities.

Our smart factory uses automated equipment to optimize the production process. COMOSS is capable to do OEM for the clients as well as deliver the technique and  equipment as a turnkey package to our  clients and partners.

COMOSS owns abundant experiences of turnkey projects for both domestic and global clients. We provides more flexible total solution .

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