Sports Department Sports Enterprise Certification

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Through sport calendar platform, into the sports enterprises and 22 counties and cities and the platform of cooperation competition, open the certification enterprise partners, aims to promote corporate partners to the friends', communicate with each other to promote workplace exercise experience, encourage employees to fight for honor, for the enterprise award certificate and has a chance to give praise and award ceremony.

「COMOSS ELECTRONIC Co., LTD.」 there is a love sports, head of the enterprise, in recent years, active in the enterprise internal promotion of sports fitness, chairman of the board of directors to run a company development also attaches great importance to the staff's physical and mental health and exercise habits, so hope to borrow by the chairman of the promoting and appeal to inspire staff enthusiasm for the sport and gradually cultivate the habit of my colleagues for sports.
In addition to promoting physical and mental balance and regular exercise, the company also plans different types of courses and outdoor leisure activities, aiming to integrate the spirit of sports and adventure into work and life, so as to strengthen physical and mental health, improve work efficiency and quality of life.
In regular meetings and public occasions, chairman of the board of directors often USES the words "connection", "fun" and "challenge" to encourage all the employees to be strong, digital and healthy in their work and life.