System Integration

Network system integrators add components to existing systems while install and setup network systems. The components for the system integration include connectivity, wiring, and hardware. COMOSS is a specialist with expertise in the areas of connectivity and cabling solution for system integrators. It has collaboratively worked with multi-national-system-integration partners for over a decade. The electronic and mechanical engineer teams are capable to solve each custom demand in both high-mix low-volume and high-volume ones. 

  • USB 2.0 Cable

    USB 2.0 Cable

  • Lan Cable

    Lan Cable

  • VGA Converter Cable

    VGA Converter Cable

  • D-sub Cable

    D-sub Cable

  • USB Connectors

    USB Connectors

  • RJ45 Connector/Transformer

    RJ45 Connector/Transformer

  • D-sub Connector

    D-sub Connector