RJ Connector/Transformer

COMOSS offers RJ11 and RJ45 connectors and suooprts customization. The RJ connector is composed of a plug and a socket, and is divided into two types: non-shielded and shielded. It is used for the termination of data cables and realizes the connection and modification of equipment and distribution frame modules.

The main functions of the RJ transformer are signal transmission, impedance matching, waveform repair, etc., to prevent low-frequency signal interference and improve information transmission efficiency. 

Most of COMOSS' RJ11 and RJ45 connectors have UL certification. They are fully or semi-automatically produced. The price is competitive and the lead time is short.  Customized design by requests is available.        


  • UL certification.
  • An 8-pin/8-position plug or jack is commonly used to connect computers onto Ethernet-based local area networks (LAN).
  • RJ connectors have eight pins on the port. Four of the pins are used for sending and receiving data, and the other four are used for other technologies or power networking devices.
  • Gold-plated contacts for optimum data transmission.
  • The connectors are used for computer devices and machines to transmit voice.
  • High Performance for maximum EMI suppression.
  • Automatic manufacturing, helps customers reach their goals of cost reduction.
  • Unshielded and shielded options.
  • Support customized design.


  • Electrician and electrical industry-UPS application
  • Consumer electronics industry-Laptop and home appliance applications
  • Security industry-Surveillance system
  • RJ Connector/Transformer feature
  • RJ Connector/Transformer feature
  • RJ Connector/Transformer feature
General Specifications
Connector Style Gender Number of Pins Others
RJ11, RJ45 Male/Female 4P4C, 6P6C 8P8C, 10P10C, 10P8C Gold Plating for contact, can be shielded

Customized Service

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