Optical Module Pull Tab

Pull Tab is a handle applied to the optical module, which plays a role in unlocking the module, the pull-tab comprises a pair of arms and a handle. The arms in an end portion thereof each provides a leg set in a guide formed in the body. Sliding the pull-tab to disengage the optical transceiver from the cage, the leg is slid within the guide to push the end portion of the arm outwardly. The handle provides in an end thereof a bar including a slope. Pull Tab is mainly composed of plastic materials (Santoprene or Sabic or DuPont) and stainless steel materials. It can also be welded with an EMI Brush to prevent interference. 

Comoss collaborates with its customers and can provide different pull tab colors and a low volume of various customized services. 


  • Play an unlocking role.
  • Composed of plastic and stainless steel.
  • EMI Brush can also be welded to play an anti-interference effect.
  • Accurate dimension and exquisite appearance.
  • Customization.
  • Customized service in different colors.
  • High-mix, low-volume manufacturing.


  • Optical communication industry 
  • Module application 
  • Optical Module Pull Tab feature
  • Optical Module Pull Tab feature
  • Optical Module Pull Tab feature
  • Optical Module Pull Tab feature

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